About Me

My interest in vintage china first began in late 2016 when I came across a beautiful set of vintage china absolutely perfect for weddings I thought. Gradually, over the years, I collected more and more of these unique sets. It seemed such a shame not to save them from possible destruction and it soon became a passion – there were so many wonderful designs available!  It wasn’t until lock down earlier this year that I started to think about perhaps setting up a small family business to hire out what I had collected – after all what better way to enjoy tea than from bone china cups and what better way to celebrate a special occasion than with these unique pre-loved elegant treasures. Suddenly a new adventure had begun and I am enjoying the journey!

My Background

After leaving university in 2014 with a doctorate in Biosciences, I found myself struggling to know what to do next. I knew I no longer wished to work long hours in labs but wanted to put my knowledge to good use. Teaching seemed to ideal solution and I have never looked back. Getting married and having my two gorgeous sons has definitely put the icing on the cake and just recently I have tried to slow down my rather hectic lifestyle and enjoy the simple things in life especially family walks by the sea and in the woods near our home with the latest addition to our family, our puppy Holly, joining in the fun. I feel I am very lucky to have such a lifestyle and with a new venture to spark my creative side the future is definitely rosy.